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A source of natural energy, Marley Cold Brew® brings the smooth depth of Arabica cold brew coffee to the Marley legacy.  

Made with authentic Jamaican coffee and 180 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine, Marley Cold Brew wakes up the body and mind.   

Steeped for 12 hours with cool filtered water, Marley Cold Brew is balanced with warm masala spices and a gentle stir of natural flavor. Our cold brew comes in a range of flavors from Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, and Chai.    

By steeping Marley Cold Brew without heat, we create a low-acidity cold brew that, by nature, is sweet and smooth without bitterness. Our Arabica beans carry fruit undertones that taste earthy and tropical. A tart yet mellow finish rises up at the end giving Marley Cold Brew a refreshing feel.   

Cold brew has a higher pH than drip coffee and is easier on digestion. To keep Marley Cold Brew light, Vegan, and dairy-free, we don't add milk or cream. Marley Cold Brew has just 50 calories, derived from a little pure cane sugar that brings the complexity of Jamaican coffee to life.   

Marley leads the industry in shelf life (18-months freshness) without sacrificing intensity. A better shelf-life also eliminates excess waste- an ethic Marley Cold Brew holds close to its heart.   

Wake up with Marley. Here's what makes our cold brew special...   

One Love  

Marley Cold Brew is created with Bob Marley's family and designed to energize and revive with authentic ingredients.  

Bob Marley's music and teachings still reach millions of people who believe in the power of creativity, nature, and freedom. We make cold brew inspired by these principles.    

Marley Cold Brew is a cool-steeped coffee with only three ingredients on the label. We celebrate energy born from the natural world.   

3 Ingredients   

We trust nature to produce the best flavor. Authentic Jamaican coffee is sweet, rich, and nutty. We want to celebrate those qualities while amplifying the taste with natural notes. That means Marley Cold Brew is clean-label with only 3 ingredients:   

  • Cold brew coffee
  • Cane sugar
  • Natural flavor

Made With Authentic Jamaican Coffee  

Marley Cold Brew is proud to share the richness of Jamaican coffee with the world, honoring the island country dear to Bob Marley.   

Jamaican coffee is some of the rarest, most delicious in the world because of the growing environment. Unusual volcanic soil and cool conditions require Jamaican coffee plants to take up to 10 months from bloom to harvest- almost twice as long as other harvesting countries.   

We are patient with the process because it's a labor of love.   

We use sweet, nutty Arabica beans that add a fruity and light taste to the smoothness of cold brew. Arabica beans impart a less-harsh flavor compared to Robusta.   

The bold aroma and taste of Marley Cold Brew has no unwanted bitterness.   

Clean Caffeine  

On principle, Marley Cold Brew trusts naturally-occurring caffeine. Our caffeine is extracted from plants instead of synthetic acids, although synthetic is cheaper to produce. Sourcing real Jamaican coffee and natural flavor keep our caffeine as clean as possible. We care about the quality of ingredients powering your day.    

We brew a greater amount of grounds to water than hot drip coffee to yield an uplifting 180 mg of caffeine in each Marley Cold Brew. That is the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee.   

Steeped 12 Hours  

Marley Cold Brew is steeped for 12 long hours when Arabica grounds are submerged in cool water. There is a minimum requirement of 6-10 hours to make a cold brew, but we find 12 hours is the perfect period when the flavor is fully released.  

Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, and Chai 

Not too heavy or too meek, Marley balances genuine cold brew with coffee flavors loved by drinkers around the world. Our range includes four exotic but traditional iterations:   

Dark Mocha, Madagascar Vanilla, Kingston Caramel, and Eastern Chai.   

The flavors are delicious yet subtle, without overpowering the cold brew.     

Clean Label   

Marley believes in transparency of ingredients. We make it easy to read the label and understand the simple ingredients going into our cold brew.