What is kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented tea rich in probiotics and healthy acids.

What is the difference between Búcha and other kombuchas?

The main differences between Búcha and other kombuchas are that Búcha is a shelf-stable and much less acidic and "vinegary-tasting" than other kombuchas.

What is your Triple Distilled & Large Batch Controlled Process?

Tripe distillation ensures the product is as smooth tasting as possible (free of sediment), and the large batch controlled process ensures we yield a consistent high-quality product that is not at risk of any secondary fermentation.

What sediment is found in Búcha?

There is very little, (to-no) sediment found in Búcha due to the extensive Triple Filtration process.

What is Bacillus Subtilis and what is its efficacy?

Bacillus Subtilis is a healthy probiotic strain that helps balance the gut. It resists harmful organisms, supports enzyme production, and may support a healthy immune system.

Does Búcha contain alcohol?

No, Búcha contains no alcohol.